As its name implies the main function of the School is to teach and support the practice of meditation. The practice comprises of the ‘turn in’ and the ‘turn out’. The ‘turn in’ consists of the sounding of the mantra and its resultant connection to a still, quiet centre that exists within all of us. This connection strengthens with time and enables the ‘turn out’ to be a fully focused, uncluttered connection to the world around us.

It is the practice of this fully focused uncluttered connection that is at the centre of the activities within the School.

The house – 158 Holland Park Ave is always in need of care and attention. It is used by hundreds of people every week and so there are voluntary groups who take part in activities that care for the building and the gardens as well as providing catering for the various meditating groups that meet in the house.

The whole purpose of these voluntary groups is to give meditators the experience of meditation in action. Instead of rushing to finish a task and resenting it we are asked to bring our full attention to the task in hand and to simply do it – to observe whatever negative or other commentary maybe going on inside our head, to let it go and return to the task in hand.

Apart from caring for the house and its inhabitants there are also opportunities to practise activities that require a simple focused attention such as calligraphy, painting, singing, dancing and the playing of a musical instrument. All of these activities have at their core the requirement to simply do them, to observe whatever commentary, be it negative or positive, that might take place in the mind and to let that commentary go and return to the activity at hand. This experience is highly instructive and enables us to gain satisfaction and joy when going about our daily tasks.