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Summary of our Introductory Course

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Introductory Courses take place one evening per week for five weeks. They are typically attended by up to ten people. Courses are open to anybody with an interest in meditation and no previous experience or knowledge is necessary. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. There is a break for supper half way through the evening.

Below is a brief summary of the themes considered during each week of the course.

Week 1

  • Learning to stop
  • Stepping back from thoughts and feelings
  • The value of listening
  • Silence

Week 2

  • Attention
  • Circling thoughts
  • Accepting distractions

Week 3

  • The habit of restlessness
  • The practice of stopping
  • Reflections from a member of the School

Week 4

  • The practice of meditation
  • How the method of meditation is given
  • Beginning to practise
  • Support from the School

Week 5

  • The giving of the method of meditation

If you have any questions about the course, please pop into the School or call the office on 02076036116. Our staff are always happy to have a chat about meditation.