Welcome to the School of Meditation. Since 1961 everyone who’s walked through our door has done so with one common aim - to learn, enjoy and share the benefits of meditation.


Here we help you understand what meditation is, how to practise it and how you can apply it to your life beyond our door.  Visit us and find out for yourself what meditation can do.





Meditation Timer

If you are not already familiar with meditation, first select the length of time from the dropdown menu. Start by simply closing your eyes, and following your in and out breath through your nose. (It may help to count the length of the breaths in your head, to stop your mind from wandering elsewhere). The bell will ring after a short warm up to signal the start, and will ring again to signal the end

Learn to Meditate

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Introductory Course

Guidance on a simple and proven method of meditation, leading to full instruction in the practice.

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Personal Interview

Learn the mantra and technique, lifetime membership and ongoing support.

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Open Door

Public guided meditation sessions, free and open to all.

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Monthly Talk

What is meditation? Find out more in our free monthly online meeting.

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